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Cat Friendly Practice

Dr. Groberg

Lake Emma Animal Hospital is proud to be certified as a Cat-Friendly Practice!

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) recognizes that there can be unique challenges and difficulties in bringing your cat to a veterinary practice. Millions of cat owners routinely avoid taking their cats to see a veterinarian.

The problem is significant. Research shows that:

  • 60% of owners say their cat hates going to the veterinarian
  • 39% admit they only go if their cat is sick
  • 38% of those owners report that the mere thought of taking their cats to the veterinarian is stressful

In response, the AAFP created the Cat-Friendly Program to assist veterinary offices in best accommodating the special needs of feline patients in order to provide the highest-quality care.

Here at Lake Emma Animal Hospital, we strive to provide the best patient care possible; so it only made sense that we take the necessary steps to ensure that we meet the requirements that certify our practice as Cat-Friendly. Our commitment to this program is demonstrated through an in-depth understanding of cat behavior and how to best approach and handle each cat in a gentle, empathetic and caring manner. Our goal is to reduce the stress and anxiety that cats are highly susceptible to when away from their normal home territory.

Our hospital includes several designated cat-only areas:

  • Cat-only waiting room
  • Cat-only exam rooms
  • Cat-only ward for our feline boarding guests

The waiting area is enclosed to reduce traffic, noise and unfamiliar scents while your cat is waiting to be seen. The cat-only exam rooms are equipped with Feliway diffusers, releasing synthetic pheromones known to have a calming effect on cats. Boarding guests are kept in a special area, away from our canine companions, in condos that allow them room to lounge leisurely, with a window view to the outside world.

​​​​​​​Dr. Tami Groberg is our resident Cat Advocate. Cat Advocates are chosen for their experience, understanding, empathetic manner and willingness to help answer any of your questions. She works hard along with the rest of the Lake Emma Animal Hospital team to provide our clients with various ways to keep all of our feline patients happy and healthy!

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