About our boarding accommodations:

Along with being a multi-service veterinary hospital, L.E.A.H. also offers boarding accommodations here at our facility.  Feline companions are welcome to board in our cat-condo community; a cat-only ward away from the stressful noises and traffic that often accompany a busy hospital.  Some units even come with a window view, so cats can keep an eye on whatever nature has to offer that day!

We also offer kennel spaces for our canine friends, both small and large.  Family members are welcome to board together or in separate kennels, for no additional fee, at the request of the owner.  We encourage owners to bring along pet beds, blankets, toys and treats – whatever will help make their pet’s boarding stay more like a home away from home! Please keep in mind that we do actually use and launder these items, and are not responsible for items that are occasionally lost during your pet’s stay.

Maintaining a clean environment:

All cats that board in our facility receive a Capstar tablet while boarding, which is a quick-kill flea preventative effective for 24 hours.  Our canine boarding guests are required to have both an entry and exit bath during their boarding stay.  The entry bath is required even if your dog is currently using a flea preventative to ensure that our facility remains flea free.  We have a variety of shampoos for you to choose from, including a Flea shampoo, a Soap-free Aloe and Oatmeal formula that won’t diminish the efficacy of topical flea preventatives, as well as a medicated shampoo for our guests with skin issues.  While there is a fee for the entry bath, your dog’s exit bath is complimentary – so they go home looking and smelling great!

Booking and Cancellations:

Please keep in mind that we do book up quickly during holidays and school vacations so make sure to book your reservations well in advance during those times of the year.  While there is no cancellation fee, we do ask that boarding cancellations are made 24-hours before a reservation whenever possible to free up that space for other potential guests.

Although our kennel staff is here seven days a week to care for your pets, the hospital is closed on Sundays and we do not offer any boarding pick-ups or drop-offs on that day.

Boarding requirements:

  • Feline

o   Current  Vaccinations including: Rabies and Distemper

o   Negative intestinal parasite test (within the last year)

  • Canine

o   Current Vaccinations including: Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella

o   Negative intestinal parasite test (within the last year)


Medical care:

We are happy to provide exams, administer vaccinations and address any medical concerns during your pet’s stay to save you an additional trip.  If your pet requires any regular medications, you can be assured that they will be administered by our medical treatment team.  There is a medication administration fee of $2.50/per day.

Boarding Rates:

Canine Boarding

Weight Range Boarding Rate Bath Charge
0-20lbs $17.50/per night $19.00
21-39lbs $19.25 $20.90
40-59lbs $21.00 $22.80
60-79lbs $22.75 $24.70
80-99lbs $24.50 $26.60
100-119lbs $26.25 $28.50
120-139lbs $28.00 $30.40
140-159lbs $29.75 $32.30
160-179lbs $31.50 $34.20
180-199lbs $33.25 $36.10


Feline Boarding

Weight Range Boarding rate Capstar(required) Bath (optional)
All $15.50/per night $17.00 $22.00


Dayboarding – A convenience stay just for the day! 7:30am – 6:00pm

$7.00/day for all cats and dogs, vaccine requirements apply.

Boarding Form

THANK YOU for choosing our Boarding Facilities! Our Boarding Facilities will allow your pet to be as comfortable as possible while you are away. Please feel free to contact us for a tour of our facilities at any time. Please do not assume your boarding arrangements are confirmed until we have contacted you to confirm the requested dates. IMPORTANT: Boarding dates and arrangements are not confirmed until you have received notification. A staff member will contact you by phone or email.
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